Culture of Excellence Award

The Four Squares, Learning Character, Community and Joy are at the center of everything we do in Richland Two. To recognize an employee making an exceptional contribution in one of the four areas, we give the Culture of Excellence Award. Winners receive a letter from the Superintendent, a plaque and are treated to a dinner for two at a restaurant of their choosing.

Below is the story of the most recent recipient of the Culture of Excellence Award.

(L-R) Transportation Manager Wayne Norton, Ann Johnson, Deryl Keith, Bookman Road Elementary Principal Kendra Hill and Bookman Road teacher Paige Malone
Ann Johnson and Deryl Keith are a dynamic duo indeed! Bookman Road Elementary School Principal Kendra Hill's nomination says it all.

For several years now this pair, the driver and monitor on Special Needs Bus No. 7, have contributed so much to the Bookman Road and Richland Two communities. They are patient and kind and bring great joy to the students who ride on their bus each day. Patience and sense of humor are two life skills they share with their students. They are invested in ensuring that the students have a good start to their day, and they understand the significance of the role they play in making sure that happens. It is very rare to encounter either in a bad mood.These two laugh with the students and staff and take the time to get off the bus to greet others within the school building.

Mr. Keith is affectionately known as "Papa Duck," because he personally gets off the bus and walks each of his preschool students to their classrooms  on the other side of campus each and every day. They cling to him like a grandpa. He leads the way, holding some by the hand and with others following close behind like his "little ducklings." A proud military veteran, Mr. Keith also participates in Bookman Road's annual Veteran's Day breakfast and celebration.

Ms. Johnson and Mr. Keith's presence was missed when they were temporarily reassigned to a group of students who could find their own way and didn't necessarily want to be escorted to class. Our little preschool students were assigned to another bus and no longer had their special guide. Thankfully our prayer was heard, and this year they are back with their babies.

A special thanks to Mr. Keith and Ms. Johnson for a job well done and for continuing to contribute to the sense of community and joy at Bookman Road!

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