Thursday, December 11, 2014

Richland Two leads the state in new National Board Certified teachers

Richland School District Two is home to 20 additional teachers who have earned the distinction of becoming National Board Certified. That’s more new teachers with the certification than any other district in South Carolina. Overall, Richland Two continues to lead the state with 693 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). The district is ranked 12th nationally in regards to teachers who have earned this distinction.

In addition to the 20 newly certified teachers, 21 teachers successfully renewed their National Board Certification for another 10 years. While certification is a rewarding professional development experience for teachers, there is also a very tangible outcome. Richland Two teachers will receive $5,000 annually from the district for the 10-year life of the certificate. Additionally, teachers who applied before July 1, 2010, will receive $7,500 annually from the state. Those who applied after that date will receive an additional $5,000 from the state.

Statewide there were 136 new NBCTs, with Charleston, Lexington-Richland Five, Richland One and Greenville School Districts following Richland Two, respectively. With a total of 8,820 NBCTs, South Carolina ranks third nationally, behind only North Carolina and Florida. Richland Two has led the state in the number of NBCTs for nine of the last 14 years.

Richland Two 2014 National Board Certified Teachers

Jason Aldridge
Spring Valley High School
Lane Laney
Ridge View High School​
Shaina Barber
E.L. Wright Middle School​
​Jill Lee
Round Top Elementary School
Tiffany Broome
Spring Valley High School​
​Nichole Luckie
Catawba Trail Elementary School
Samantha Butler
Langford Elementary School​
​Chris Nostrant
Ridge View High School
Victoria Casper
Muller Road Middle School ​
​Ryan Pearson
Catawba Trail Elementary School
Sandra Dietel
Blythewood High School​
​Elizabeth Robitzsch
Bridge Creek Elementary Schoo 
​Augusta Greene
Center For Knowledge
​Gratiana Ugro
Blythewood High School
Tiffany Hawthorne
Lonnie B Nelson Elem School​
​Amber Wagner
Forest Lake Elementary School
Aimee Hinks
Richland Two Child Development​
​Meredith Ward
Blythewood High School
Elizabeth Jackson
Pontiac Elementary School​
​Allana Weigle
Muller Road Middle School 

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