Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Inclement weather procedure

When there is the possibility of inclement weather, Richland School District Two takes the following precautions:

Weather Monitoring

The superintendent and executive director of operations monitor the weather forecasts provided by the National Weather Service and local media outlets. They consult with other district staff, superintendents of other Midlands school districts and Richland County Emergency Preparedness. If conditions warrant a change to the regular schedule, the district strives to make that decision as soon as possible.

Delay or Cancellation Notifications

If a decision is made to alter the start or dismissal time or to cancel school, the Richland Two Communications Department will notify students, parents and employees through a variety of methods including Blackboard Connect calls, website messages, R2TV, text messages and emails. Notifications will only be sent if there is a change to the schedule. If school starts/ends at regular time, the district will not send out any notifications. To help ensure they receive the Blackboard Connect calls, emails and text messages, parents need to keep their schools updated on any changes to contact information.

The media is also notified of any changes to the school day to help relay the message to the community.

Preparation for Inclement Weather

In cases of extreme cold, bus drivers, maintenance workers and other district/school staff report to work early to prepare the buses and facilities for students. Bus drivers come in early to crank the buses and allow time for the buses to idle. The Richland Two Transportation Office works closely with the State Department of Education’s bus mechanics to address any issues quickly. Since all of our buses do have heat, this also gives extra time for the buses to warm up.

Tips for Students and Parents

  1. Stay informed: Check the district website regularly and monitor R2TV and local media for updates on school delays and/or closings. It is important to remember the decision to alter the school day is made by the district office staff not individual schools. The district requests that parents not call schools in order to keep the phone lines open in case of emergency situations.
  2. Students riding buses to schools should dress appropriately for the weather and alter their time for arriving at bus stops based on the school start time. If a delay is scheduled, students should delay their arrival time at the bus stop to match the delay. All of our buses do have heat.
  3. Announcements on required make-up days will follow once the appropriate number of days is determined.

The district wants to ensure students, parents and employees are prepared for any situation caused by extreme temperatures or inclement weather. If you have any questions about procedures related to extreme temperatures and/or inclement weather, please contact Libby Roof, executive director of communications, at 803.738/3222.


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  2. Y'all are childish. Sending kids out into 16° weather? We live in the south. We only have flimsy jackets. None of us have heavy coats to keep us warm. Kids have to walk to school because their parents have work. Kids have to stand outside for 15-30min to wait on their busses. Not to mention your sucky bus drivers would probably kill every single student on that bus because they are already bad drivers, and now there's ice on the road?!! Not to mention all these highschool students who drive themselves to school. They are all inexperienced. They don't know how to drive on icy roads. It's like you want your students dead?

  3. Any weather related injuries will be solely the responsibility of @RichlandTwo without a delay.

  4. No issue with no delay. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are.dressed.appropriately. South Carolina does sell winter coats all my kids have them. The true issue on severe cold days like this is making sure the buses are on time. My child's bus was.15 minutes late today and that was.dangerous. Why children are at bus stops 15 to 30 minutes early sense. Children should be at their bus stop no more than 5 minutes prior to.bus pick up. That is not a districk issue that is a parenting issue. On average my kids do not go out to the bus stop more than 5 minutes prior. The district is responsible for ensuring buses are on time and that did not happen today.

  5. Response to the Email: The a/c at Ridge View runs all year round and the cold is unbearable. I am a senior and I go through this every year. I have to bring a jacket to all my classes, even in the spring time. So as far as the ensuring the rooms were okay; that has been neglected for four years (that I know of).