Thursday, September 10, 2015

Build the Habit of Good Attendance!

Your child’s attendance is critical to his or her success. Good attendance is a habit that children need to learn early. Attendance is related to a child’s ability to be successful in all areas of school: academics, behavioral and social. Any time a child misses a day of school, it is a missed opportunity to learn. Regardless of the reason a child is out of school, they are missing instruction.

Research has shown chronic absenteeism can have a negative impact on a student’s ability to be successful. Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10 percent of school days.

Take a few moments to get familiar with Richland Two's Attendance Policy (Política de Asistencia de Distrito Escolar Richland Dos)? Do you know what time your student will be marked tardy? Here's a list of start and stop times for all schools.

Poor attendance can have a serious impact on your child.
  • Students who miss more preschool end the year with lower skills; this relationship is strongest for students with low incoming skills. Read more about this and other tips for preschool parents.
  • Did you know that attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves? Read more about this and other tips for elementary school parents.
  • By sixth grade, absenteeism is one of the big three signs that student may drop out of high school? Read more about this and other tips for middle school parents.
  • Stay on top of your child’s social contacts. Peer pressure can lead to skipping school, while students without many friends can feel isolated. Read more about this and other tips for high school parents.

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