Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's Better Than One Lake Carolina Elementary School? Two Lake Carolina Elementary Schools!

At the conclusion of the dedication of Lake Carolina Elementary Upper Campus, the student body performed the song "Home" for the standing-room-only audience of parents, community members, elected officials and staff. The ceremony was held on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, in the school's cafeteria.

With lyrics like to "Hold onto me as we go/as we roll down this unfamiliar road...Just know you're not alone/cause I'm gonna make this place your home," it was a perfect fit. Lake Carolina Upper is the district's newest elementary school and is part of our first two-campuses, one school model. It houses students in grades third through fifth, while Lake Carolina Lower houses kindergarten through second grade.

"We're off to a great start, and our journey is just beginning," Principal Jeff Williams told the audience.

The ceremony was filled with student participation and songs. Their "Top 10 reasons we love our Lake Carolina Upper Campus" included the glass doors they can write on with dry-erase markers, getting to keep all their old friends and make new ones and having two playgrounds.

Dr. Andrea Berry, principal of Lake Carolina Elementary Lower likened the school to a sequel to a really good book. "You're the next chapter," she told the students.

As they offered visitors tours, it was clear students were excited about and eager to show off their new school. The facility features outdoor spaces connected to classrooms, furniture that promotes collaboration and a multipurpose room and cafeteria connected by a double-sided stage. The building was designed and built to LEED Silver standards.

See photos from the dedication in Lake Carolina Elementary's Flickr album.

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